Folks, these are real, actual comments, feedback and testimonials from recent family and divorce mediations.  To preserve confidentiality this material has been truncated:

“Barry was a professional at all times during my mediation process.  He was always ready to listen to me when needed and was available by phone or email when necessary.

He guided us through the process smoothly and efficiently.  Always extremely well organised and paid attention to all the questions and concerns during mediation.

The process, although appearing daunting at first glance, was easier than expected thanks to his professional fair manner.

It enabled my ex husband and I to sit in a room together and talk with him about the expectations and concerns we had over the process.

Barry guided us through the mediation in a cheerful friendly way which made the whole procedure less painful.

I would highly recommend Barry as Mediator.”  R.P.

FAMILY MEDIATION:  We received the following comment after completing a recent family mediation.  The back-story:  Mom is in her mid 80’s wanting to gift each of her her four adult children equal ownership of a four-bedroom furnished lake house, including a dock and small boat.  The house is being gifted into an LLC;  the four adult children want to rent the house under an operational agreement, fairly sharing costs and income among the four.  One of the children is in the process of getting a divorce; her shares are going into a trust.  The attorney is present during most of the process:

“Thank you Barry for helping me get through this.  You are a G-d-send.”  C.M.

DIVORCE MEDIATION:  Within a few weeks after the end of a divorce mediation, we ask for feedback and constructive criticism from our clients:

“Mr. Weissman was helpful, efficient, and professional every step of the way.  His financial expertise was extremely helpful in working with some complicated issues.  ….extremely accessible and responsive, and made himself available ….  We met in a wide variety of venues–offices, coffee shops, and homes–….enabling us all to conveniently and efficiently get through….”  R.L.

“Mr. Weissman met separately, in turn, with my husband and with me, and then reported by e-mail to both of us the essentials of such meetings….”  N.S.

“Barry remained calm and professional even when emotions were high and we, as occassional contentious parties, might have been irrational….”  P.J.

“I was amazed at how quickly Mr. Weissman was able to expedite our separation process and then our negotiations toward a mutually agreeable settlement.”  A.N.

“The mediation process with Barry saved us a great deal of money, but more importantly, made it possible for us to get through a long-overdue marital separation with dignity, minimal trauma to ourselves and our family, and a respectful and even friendly post-separation relationship.”  S.T.

“I was referred to Barry by my attorney, my wife and I had been separated for several years and had no plans to reunite….  My wife was very sensitive about resolving the details…and was not initially receptive to a mediator I suggested….Barry was able to quickly gain her confidence as a neutral party and become someone who could offer a process to finally discuss and define terms of our final divorce…Barry made many helful suggestions and led the joint mediation sessions very successfully….”  M.R.

“One major accomplishment was helping to steer the decision making around the preparation and sale of our house, which had been vacant for almost a year while I paid the mortgage.”  R.A.

“Barry was able to get us both to see some middle ground with regard to the terms and amount of spousal support which would be “fair.”  T.J.

“Barry’s excellent guidance and groundwork allowed the attorneys and a court appointed mediator to drive an agreement within hours on one day, rather than having lawyers battle out the terms over possibly weeks or months.”  M.O.

“I am very appreciative to Barry for his work and would highly recommend him as a marital negotiator [mediator].”  L.U.

“…after asking Barry a few questions, I felt I understood Barry’s methodology very well.  I am quite ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and I am very sensitive to how people judge my inability to grasp a concept or process when others seem to understand what is being said almost immediately.  Barry was very patient, and seemingly non-judgmental of my handicap….”  H.B.

“His high integrity.”  H.B.

“Barry worked well with both my wife and I [as well as with] the [estate and family] lawyers he suggested respresent us individually.”  K.D.


We thank our clients for their feedback, comments, and constructive criticism as there is always room for improvement.




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