What Will My Mediation Cost?

Initial Consultation:  First Hour No Charge 

Standard Hourly Fees:*

  • $200.00/Hr Back-Office/Associate Work & Meetings Where Client Is Not Present
  • $250.00/Hr Client Mediation Session w/Either Both or One of the Spouses  
  • No Charge for Telephone Communication Less than 15 Minutes
  • No Charge for Shorter E-Mail Communications.  Longer E-Mail Reports Charged at the Back-Office/Associate Rate. 
  • Flat Fee:  “Scope of the Work”** Can be Quoted Upon Request

*Working in the Role of Fee-Only Financial Planners we can participate as “Consultants” to Mediators, Collaborative Attorneys, Litigators, Estate Attorneys, and Commission-Based Investment & Insurance Advisors:     $175.00/Hr Flat Fee in Addition to all Associated Travel Expenses

**Scope of the Work:   Letter Generated Confirming, Defining and Describing Terms of Our Engagement

Note: Pension Plan valuations, Business & Real Estate valuations, and Forensic Accounting investigations are performed by outside vendors we might suggest but do not endorse.  QDROs and COAPs can be written by either your attorneys or outside vendors we might suggest.   You as our client, contracts with, and is responsible for payment directly to, those vendors and in accordance with those vendors’ terms.

Pension Plan terms and conditions are set by the Plan Administrator under the Summary Plan Description or ERISA.  Barry M. Weissman & Associates provides certain valuations on a best guess estimate basis, an approximation that can only be used for illustrative Scenarios or hypothetical purposes.

  • Barry M. Weissman & Associates does not provide Expert Testimony.
  • Barry M. Weissman & Associates makes no representation, stated or implied, that it acts as or is a Certified Public Accounting Firm, CPA.  Further, Barry M. Weissman & Associates offers no tax advice, and does not complete income tax forms.
  • Barry M. Weissman & Associates does not offer legal advice or legal representation.
  • Barry M. Weissman & Associates does not sell real estate, insurance, securities, or offer investment advice.   

Terms of Payment:  Payment in full, via cash or check, is due upon the completion of each session.  If itemized billings are requested, a retainer may be charged.  Itemized billings are mailed either on or about the 1st or 15th day of each month, due and payable in full upon receipt.  In the event your account goes 15-days past due, work will cease without further notification until the account is brought up-to-date and retainer refilled.  A $35 charge will be imposed for returned ISF checks.  Credit Cards are not accepted.

  • These Fees and  Terms of Payment may be changed at any time and at our discretion.

Please Note:  Our work is focused on divorcing spouses meeting residency requirements within the “Equitable Settlement” states.  Our work is somewhat different in the Community Property states of:  Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.  Please tell us if you currently live or have lived within a community property state.  We need to consider several factors, for example, we need to adjust for income you have earned  from separate property that remains treated as separate property in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington.

Announcement to All Parties to the Mediation:  The mediator has read and, consistent with state law, will abide by the Maryland Standard of Conduct for Mediators during the mediation.